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Chocolate energy shake

I just finished watching the movie May I be Frank which is about a man called Frank off course who is overweight, sick with diabetes and Hep C. He’s dealing with a lot of anger. He embarks on a 42 day raw food and holistic healing journey. I highly recommend the movie. …

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Golden beet & lentil salad

I woke up feeling rested this morning and I think it had something to do with the amazing relaxing yoga class I took last night. James also made it to class after I got home, so we literally just exchanged kisses before he headed out but I find we both …

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Swiss chard pesto

Back to normal again, whatever that means. Bella and James just left for school and Noah is trying to to talk him self to sleep while I’m working and cleaning up. Bella wanted pizza for dinner last night but I felt like pasta with pesto so we compromised and I …

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Beans in a creamy taco sauce

I still had some green, yellow and purple beans I had bought for Thanksgiving dinner so they were served as a side dish with neatloaf, mashed potatoes on Friday night. I’m beat after this weekend and after a week with no school which off course means I have to be …

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Stir-fry cabbage and kale in a creamy balsamic sauce

This dish came out very pink and purple which was quit funnybecause it matched Bella’s outfit for the day and what better way to get yourkids to eat vegetables than if they match themJOtherwise, kids usually like this dish because it has a slight sweetness fromthe balsamic vinegar. I served …

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Chickpea & date tagine

This North African dish I found the recipe for in the current issue of Vegetarian Times. I’ve been receiving so many fresh dates from Sea Breeze lately so it was perfect recipe to try a lazy day like this. Tagine is a slow-cooked stew combining savory with sweet such as …

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Happy Thanksgiving and neatloaf

I have so much to grateful for this year; my beautifulchildren, wonderful husband, friends and family and wonderful readers. I hopeyou all have a great day.  The sunny yogakitchen is buzzing with all the cooking that’s going on and this is what’s onthe menu for today. Walnut and buckwheat neatloaf …

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Cream of mushroom soup and green bean casserole

When I was a little girl and traveled with my mom by trainto see my grandfather, we used to eat lunch in the restaurant on board thetrain. They served a cream of mushroom soup which I thought was heaven. I lovedsitting there looking at the country side and cities passing …

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Gingerbread caramels

I love holiday’s and cooking for it. As soon as we gettingcloser to Thanksgiving and Christmas I start to cook and bake holiday food.These little caramels are divine and in my option a perfect present to bring toa hostess, friend or family. The gingerbread flavor is perfect for the holiday. …

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Polenta terrine

I saw this dish being made non-vegetarian off course on TopChef long time ago but when I found I had some corn meal in my pantry I was reminded of it and decided to make polenta terrine with vegetables and soy sausages. There are a lot of different element to …

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