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Seitan in a mustard and herb sauce

James is out of town so I’m alone with the kids for the first time. It gives me very little time for anything but cleaning, caring, cooking and feeding my kids. For dinner we ate seitan and beans in a a mustard and herb sauce. I served it with sprouted …

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Acai bowl

I promised Bella an acai bowl and I mostly (I try) keep my promises so for afternoon snack she got her acai. Acai is a berry and can be bought in many shapes and forms; juice, frozen and dried. It’s known for it high antioxidant capacity, even more than blueberries. …

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Butternut squash and coconut soup

Another day and another week! I feel good because I had a good night sleep (9+ hours), I just came back from a work out and I have two content children here with me. I hope rest of the day continues like this. Yesterday we went out for breakfast to …

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Almond and apple cake

My husband’s boss and his wife welcomed a baby girl last week. We wanted to bring them a few meals since we know how crazy things are the first weeks with a new little one. I made a butternut squash soup, a french dijon & herbed casserole served over sprouted …

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Seitan with white wine and herbs

God morning everyone! I’m a little slow today because I went out with my friend Jess last night for dinner so I went to sleep late. I feel like such party princess because I now been out two nights in a row :-0 I put Bella to sleep last night …

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Provencal Tofu Casserole

We’re having a heatwave here and me and Noah are so miserable because we can’t go outside and we’re getting a little cabin fever. On top of this Noah is teething and not his happy wonderful self. I try to take kids out for a walk in the morning and …

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Lentil hummus

This is the hummus that I made on Saturday for lunch for our friends who cancelled. I ran out of chickpeas and used red lentils for the hummus instead and it worked perfect. I like making my hummus pretty mild so that kids will eat it too. 1 cup cooked …

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Oat pancakes

I just realized that summer break is almost over which means no more lazy mornings and no more cuddle time with Bella. Ahhh I will miss it:( This week Bella is in yoga camp from 10:30-12:30 and she loves it. Since we had the morning together I made pancakes for …

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French Bread

On Saturday we had invited some friends of our for lunch so we made lentil hummus, pasta salad, barley water lemonade and french bread baked with spelt flour. Unfortunately, they had to cancel but we still feasted on the food for lunch. Since I had planned to make grilled cheese …

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Mmmmmmm dessert

Another fun filled day in San Diego, just another day in paradise! We spend the day at the bay, swimming and playing in the water. We even saw what Bella claimed to be a pirate ship except she did not believe there were any pirates on board because she did …

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