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Warm spelt berry salad

Our first weekend back home and we’ve been working in the garden all day. Our zucchini plant had grown all over the place so we cut it back as well as our artichoke plant. There were also a lot of dead flower to remove and new to plant. The morning …

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Textured vegetable curry stew

Today was my first yoga class after vacation and it could not been a better day to do yoga on. We’re all adjusting to jetlage pretty well with an exception of Noah who wakes up at 1 am and wants to play. This off course means very little sleep for …

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Chickpea and tomato soup

While we’re in Sweden we celebrated our 13th anniversary. James gave me a cook book for it and today I cooked a soup inspired from it. Off course I changed it all around and made it more kids friendly and added more vegetables to make it more hearty. It’s a …

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Faking Bacon Sauce

Our vacation is coming to an end for this summer and I’m so sad. We usually stay for about 3,5 weeks in Sweden every year, but this year James could not take off that kind of time so everything has been very rushed and not as relaxing as we’re used …

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Spicy and Cheesy Tomato Soup

After a long day in town I came home and found that my husband had made lunch and feed the kids and they were now all napping so I was on my own. It was like having a date with myself so I made a soup which I ate outside …

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Marinated tofu

Today was one of those amazing and beautiful Swedish summer day with warm weather and sun so BBQ for dinner was a must. I marinated tofu and put in on the grill but this marinate is so good you could also use it as a dressing or why grill the …

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Quick & Spicy Tomato Sauce

When we arrived home after a long day away we all were starved. I had to make something fast and this pasta sauce made from tomato soup is what I came up with. Served with whole wheat pasta and broccoli it was a complete, filling and nutritional dinner everyone liked. …

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Cooking with good friends

I’m sitting here with a sleeping baby and dreaming about the day we had. We spend time with our good friends Ulrica, Gustav and their little girl Vesper. They are soon to be parents to another little one. They live out in the country side on a property filled with …

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White rabbit smoothie

It’s hard to blog while being on vacation and part of the problem is that we’re out a lot visiting friends and family who treats us home cooked meals. When I do cook it’s very simple things, not worth blogging about. Smoothies has been my breakfast and sometimes snack these …

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Chantarelle pasta sauce

I love going to the farmers market in Sweden in the summer time just to smell and look at all the wonderful things mother nature is providing us with. Today I bough raspberries, strawberries and my favorite, chanterelles. All is locally grown and harvested and what a treat it is. …

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