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Seitan cutlets

I’m sick as a dog and feel miserable. I don’t know if I got what Bella had last week but sure hope it goes away soon. Off course Noah decided it was day of short naps today but was still a happy little boy thank god. I did not feel …

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Pumpkin seed buns

Today was Bella’s first day of summer camp and oh boy was she excited. I guess we’ll see if she is as excited when she comes home, I sure hope so but I have to admit I was sad to see her leave and felt a little bored without her …

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Lavender & honey ice cream

All this sun and heat has brought harvested goodies from our garden; tomatoes, figs and zucchini. My lavender bush is also growing out of control and I have long wanted to make lavender ice cream and today it finally happened. After eating the ice cream, Bella said “mom you did …

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Quinoa Salad–The Perfect Picnic Food

Quinoa is one of those wonderful foods that is high in nutrition and protein, easy to cook, easy to digest and you can eat it hot or cold. The hot weather has kept going here in San Diego so I’ve been looking for easy lunches with a lot of vegetables …

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Health kick oatmeal

I eat oatmeal pretty much everyday and it’s a great way to start the day with fiber and iron. It keeps me full all morning and I need that to keep up with two kids and work. I make my oatmeal a little special by adding dried fruits and different …

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Black bean and avocado salad

Phew it’s so miserably hot here so eating hot food is not an option. I made black bean salad which I served as a tostada with a green salad, jicama, Amanda’s dad’s homemade salsa (yum) tomatoes and dessert was a nice slice of fresh water melon. It was the perfect …

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Cinnamon apple muffins

I love summer breaks, no running around, rushing and getting ready to go somewhere in the morning. We stay in our pyjamas until we’re ready. This morning while Noah was napping me and Bella baked muffins together which we ate on a picnic by the bay. In just two weeks …

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Chocolate chia pudding

If you say chocolate Bella’s eyes lights up, like many others I assume:) Bella does not eat a lot of candy or sweets and she hardy ever drink juice. When she does eat sweets it usually vegetarian gummy bears or some dark chocolate. When I made a chia pudding with …

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Father’s day lunch

I don’t think James could have been more celebrated as a father than he was today. He spend the whole day cuddling with the kids and eating his favorite meals, one after the other and on top of that…he also got a massage. Happy Father’s day sweetie, you are the …

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Energy smoothie

Another super hot day here and another super busy and crazy day for me. Since Bella is officially on summer break she was home today cuddling with us but I left to go do my weekly grocery shopping at the People’s Coop this morning. I came home to unpack, feed …

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