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Open faced vegetable lasagna

I guess with pizza on Friday and lasagna yesterday I’ve been in a Italian kind of mood and I must have been influenced by the movie “Eat, Pray. Love” he he he. This lasagna was a wrong ending really well when the top part did not get cooked but when …

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Pizza for dessert

No you did not read it wrong and it’s not a miss. On Friday we made pizza for dinner and oh boy did I bake a lot of pizzas. I learned that wearing black and baking is not a good idea so at the end I was covered in white …

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Veggie sauce with black beans

So I did come up with the recipe for the sauce so here it is. Right now, I’m beat and heading to bed to rest up in preparation for a fun filled memorial weekend. Have a great Friday everyone!!!! 1 tomato, chopped 1/4 cup fennel, diced 2 tbs leeks, chopped …

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Cheesy polenta with garlic and herbs

Some days I know exactlly what I’m going to eat for lunch and some days, like today I just start with something basic and build on it until it becomes something so amazing I want to lick the plate. It helped that I had a partner in crime (Jess) who …

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Herbed oil

I had a wonderful morning today starting off with breakfast at Hotel Del on Coronado Island. James company has a conference there so they gave him a room. It seemed silly to have a room when he lives just 20 minutes away but then he suggested I stay one night …

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Chickpea curry

I’m just full of energy after a night of 9!!!! hours of sleep for me and my morning starting out with yoga and then a walk along the beach. You know what they say, happy mommy, happy children. I got a request for the recipe for my chickpea curry so …

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Swiss chard and mushroom quiche

Noah has been a little crank today. I think his teeth are bothering him and the only way to keep him calm has been to strap him to my chest and cook. No I’m not kidding, this kid will relax and even fall asleep while I’m cooking and even using …

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Aloo Gobi

Sunday is the day we clean, do laundry, bake bread for the week and we try to do all this while Noah is napping and Bella usually has a play date. So when dinner comes around we’re all starved and ready to enjoy some family time. I made Aloo Gobi …

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Pita, busy day and my little sous-chefs

Wow what a day…. I been out and about pretty mush all day. My started at 5 am with Noah cheerful calls and from then on it was non-stop. I made Bella’s lunch, emptied the dishwasher machine, hung cloth diapers, called a bee specialist who got ride of some very …

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Protein bread

Another gray and rainy day here so because of that I got a lot of done between playing, feeding and cuddling:) I cooked black beans to portion into jars and then freeze, I baked muffins, made a yummy lunch of quinoa and braised greens and baked pitas and bread loafs. …

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