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Rawlicious mousse

Bella came home yesterday with a piece of candy given to her. Off course she wanted to eat it after dinner, which I was not too happy about since it for sure was filled with nothing but color and sugar and was not vegetarian. I decided to negotiate with her …

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Rhubarb cake

It was a very loooooong day that ended sweet with this wonderful cake and a cup a tea and hopes tomorrow is a better day. I used rhubarbs again since it seems I bought too much of them last week but it’s OK since I love rhubarbs and they fair …

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Lunch in Paris in San Diego

I’m reading a book right again and this is a miracle because between, caring for a 4 year old and 4 month old, a husband, two pets, laundry, cleaning, cooking and work, I’m amazed I have any time left for myself. I used to read a book in a just …

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Green Beans

These are the green beans we had with our Easter dinner. The inspiration comes from a side dish Bella loves at Sammy’s restaurant. We ate them with a quinoa and walnut loaf, chive mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy. It was heavenly and would have been a very nice dinner if …

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Mediterranean salad

Nothing taste better than a filling salad for lunch or dinner on a warm and sunny day like this. Making a salad is fun and you can just add “fun” things to and it fast. Eat it with a slice of bread for a complete and nutritional meal. 4 cups …

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Rhubarb crumble ice cream

Here is the recipe for the ice cream I made yesterday. I taste just like rhubarb crumble which is one of my favorite desserts. I’m still experiences some camera problem so I still don’t have pictures. Anyone want to share what they are eating on Easter? We’re having walnut loaf …

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Seitan au Vin

This is my idea of comfort food and it’s probably due to me growing up with a mom who was a chef and loved to cook international food. She made a very nice Coq au Vin on Sunday’s and I believe the secret was in the sauce. This is my …

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Spanish rice

As a filling for the burritos we had last nigh,t I made Spanish rice. I like to make my rice with a lot of vegetables to make it more filling. I also love serving it as is with added beans for a rice and bean variation. 1 tbs canola oil …

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Bean burrito

I had such great day today. Bella has been on a field trip and Noah has been happy and napping well. Happy children = happy mom:) I’m now back at eating beans, beans and more beans again since they no longer seem to upset Noah’s stomach and thank god for …

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Corn bread

This morning started out with Bella waking up so early and the rest of the family were still a sleep. I did something I never do, I laid down on the sofa and let Bella watch a movie. I got another 40 minute sleep and woke up when she asked …

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