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Walnut Bread

My friend Alexandra and her 7 week old baby Max are visiting from San Mateo this week. It’s fun to have an adult to talk to while feeding and rocking Noah to sleep. I made a special dinner for her and since I know how much she loves bread and …

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Tofu & thyme patties

Bella has been my little sous chef today; helping me set the table and she had a lot of fun mashing the tofu for these patties. We enjoyed them with roasted potatoes, grated raw carrots and steamed broccoli, yum! 1 package extra firm tofu 1 tbs dried thyme salt to …

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Bread sticks

Ahhh what a great Sunday. It started out so well with me sleeping in to 7:30 am thanks to dad who rocked Noah and entertained Bella. While I fed Noah he made me breakfast and after that we enjoyed a long morning walk. I had to bake a chocolate cake …

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Tortilla pie

I can’t believe the amount of energy my 4 year old has these days. It’s non-stop from morning to evening. Anyone ever questioning if children can’t survive on a plant diet should spend a day at my house with two vegetarian kids, who both grow and develop really well and …

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Homamade vegetable milk

We only drink almond, hemp and oat milk in this house and between me and Bella we consume a lot of milk. I have in the past, made my own chocolate nut milk which was very easy but I wanted to try to make sesame milk. Sesame seeds are loaded …

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Buckwheat neatloaf

Today was one of those days that just starts bad and you keep checking the clock to see how much longer before the day is over. Lucky me I have Noah who’s smiles made the day much more survivable. To celebrate the end of the day and my favorite time; …

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Easy carrot bread

Yesterday I made another bread made with baking soda so it was a very fast baking bread. with with two kids, a husband and two animals who all need me who has time to wait for bread to rise right now? Not me so to still give my family the …

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Vegan gulasch

We have had a very active day today starting with an early morning hike, a family yoga class for me and Bella and then a play date here at the house. Wow!!! It makes you very hungry and dinner was gulasch with home baked bread. I found this recipe on …

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Gnocchi in a mushroom sauce

Ahhhh I love the weekends because it’s special time with my family. Yesterdays dinner was gnocchi with an incredible creamy and rich mushroom sauce. I have to admit that this time I took a short cut and used store bought gluten free gnocchi but they were still good. 1 package …

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Mango coconut ice cream

I recieved two mangos with this weeks organic bag from Sea Breeze and I knew exactly what to use one for; this amazing ice cream. I first ate mango ice cream in an Indian restaurant my husband took me to before we got married. It’s was my first Indian food …

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