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Chili sin Carne

Happy New Year everyone and here is a recipe for a great start to 2011 with good food! I made this Chili stew without meat and it’s one of our favorite “fast” foods to make; as well as one of Bella’s favorite things to eat. You can easily add more …

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Acorn risotto

Last week of this pregnancy and I’m s tired. I’m counting the days until our little man will be here but until then I’m challenged in the cooking department so dinner tonight was a very simple risotto with acorn squash and I at the end also added broccoli to make …

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Oat meal crisps

This my husbands favorite cookies and they are great thin cookies with a carmel flavor. They are great with ice cream. The best part of these cookies is they a super fast to make. 2 1/2 ounces or 75g margarine (I used Earth Balance) 1/2 cup sugar 1/2 cup rolled …

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African stew

This is a very kids friendly lentil stew with African flavors which will spread a nice aroma in your house when you cook. I put the peanuts on the side for everyone to add to their liking and instead of peanuts you can use roasted and salted cashews. I also …

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Mango guacamole

For Christmas hubby gave me Rick Bayless Mexican cook book so yesterday I cooked Mexican for dinner and one of the dishes was this delishes mango guacamole. I’m so excited to make more Mexican food as it’s one area I feel I’m lacking in and my husband really loves Mexican …

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Christmas falafel

Merry Christmas everyone and I hope you all are having as nice Christmas holiday as we are. It’s been all about family, friends and eating well. These falafels were part of our Christmas dinner and was a great hit with Bella. To begin with it was suppose to made with …

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Sun Dried Tomato & Balsamic Seitan

Oh my what a major storm we’ve been having here in San Diego. There are flood warning and high wind warning all over. I have not been outside the door all day because Bella is sick again however I feel it was not a big loss. When it’s cold and …

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Non-meatballs in a fun sauce

As I promised, here are pictures of before and after of our kitchen. Just follow the link to our family blog. This dish is meal perfect for the fast and the hungry which was my family tonight. The secret in the sauce is cola drink, sounds strange and actually added …

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Finished kitchen and potato & broccoli soup

As of yesterday my kitchen is done!! Off course at the end we had a lot of drama putting in the sink and dishwasher machine but hubby took care of that and got it all done. I really love my new kitchen and will have so much fun cooking in …

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Lentil hummus

I have been in full swing of nesting but I hit a speed bump when I was put on bed rest yesterday because of high blood pressure. I’m not too worried since I had the same thing happening with Bella just earlier. I’m getting so excited to meet and hold …

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