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High fiber bread

We’re in full swing of packing up our kitchen for the remodel but I still made some time to bake bread for the week to come. I like adding a lot of “fun” things to my breads and I think maybe I went a little overboard this time but who …

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Holiday spiced nuts

Bella is finally but slowly recovering from her ordeal so Thanksgiving was a very mellow day fabulous feast cooked by James and my friend Jess. All I had to do was sit on the sofa with Bella and then come and make a chantarelle gravy which ended up being very …

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Non-dairy green bean casserole

I bet many of you are in full swing getting ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow. I went to Whole Foods yesterday and it was a mad scene already 9am. Usually we spend Thanksgiving in Hawaii but this year because of our pregnancy we’re staying home However, we wont be celebrating Thanks …

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Knifes designed for little helpers

Bella always want to help out cutting things but I don’t feel comfortable letting her use a “real” knife until now when I found a knife specially designed for kids at the Great News Discount cooking store. It’s has a comfortable plastic handle for easy grip for small hands and …

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Antioxidant packed juice

Good morning everyone! There are so many colds going around Bella’s school and I really don’t want or have the time to get sick again. Antioxidants helps the body fight bacterias and viruses so with my breakfast I made this antioxidant juice which tasted so good. 3 oranges, juiced 1 …

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Pasta pomodoro

Sometimes when I get lazy or like yesterday when me and Bella got stuck in traffic and came home late I make it very easy on my self and cook a fast dinner with just pasta and vegetables. When we came home Bella was starved and I knew I had …

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Earthlings- an Important Documentary

Here is a trailer of the award winning documentary Earthlings about human abuse on animals narrated by well known animal activist Joaquin Phoenix. It’s a very disturbing movie, but something that has to be seen to understand. It’s not ok to abuse animals as much as it’s not ok to …

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mushroom stuffed pasta shells

How is your weekend going so far? We had a great Saturday with starting the day with pancakes, a long nice walk along the bay, some play time at the play ground and then Sea world. It was a long and warm day so when we got home we all …

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Granola bars

Being out and about and pregnant I need something healthy and easy to grab for eating when hunger sets in and granola bars are perfect. It used to be granola bars were god for you but then they started adding a lot of strange ingredients such as chocolate chips. I …

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Cream sauce for pasta or seitan

I love sauces and according to hubby, I’m the master at making dairy free ones:) This is creamy Marsala wine sauce I made for our grilled seitan, roasted potatoes and green beans dinner we ate on Sunday night. 1 1/2 cup cream ( I used unsweetened mimic cream) 2 tbs …

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