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Big nutritional lunch for a small tummy

Today was Bella’s first day of school! She is attending the Waldorf school 10 minutes from our house. We love the school because their focus is on the individual child, art, wholesome, organic and nutritional food. Everyday they cook a wholesome grain (the kids help out) and eat together. I …

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Mint chocolate cookie ice cream

My adventure in ice cream making continues and when Sheena came for a visit I knew there had to be an ice cream dessert. I think this is the most amazing ice cream I ever made and Sheena could not believe it was vegan. 1 cup oat milk, cold 1 …

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Samosas with red currant chutney

Here is the recipe for the samosas we ate yesterday. We ate them with a red currant chutney to dip them in. Traditional samosas are made with a dough but I used whole wheat filo dough and has a mix of potatoes and peas. I was out of peas and …

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Roasted tomato soup

Today I had two very special lunch guest all away from London. Sheena and her beautiful little girl Amelie came for a visit and lunch. I was so delighted when Amelie happily ate all the food I served after her mom told me she is a picky eater. I made …

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Filo with Veggy Filling

I hope you all had a wonderful labor day weekend. I’ve been so tired every night lately. Part is that I’m working a lot right now and off course part is because I’m 22+ weeks pregnant. Our meal often has been finding things in the fridge or freezer and using …

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Ice cream, lots of ice cream

My ice cream maker broke after 13 years!!! It was a wedding gift to us and I can’t believe it lasted that long considering how much I use it. My husband researched the best ice cream maker on the market and found one for $700 which everyone loves. OK I …

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Breakfast bread

This recipe my friend Jessica found on a blog and made it and treated me. I loved them so much I made my own but changed the recipe quit a bit, adding fiber and making them vegan. They are suppose to be kind of flat and round. They taste so …

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Broccoli pasta sauce

James has been out of town for a couple of days and thank god my friend Jessica has been here helping me out so I can get dinner on the table at a reasonable hour. Yesterday I made a broccoli pasta sauce which was very simple and healthy. I used …

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