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Passion fruit muffin with crumble

Our wonderful and beautiful Maria keeps bringing me passion fruits from her garden saying “no one likes them in her family”. Wow I love them and love using them in desserts. Today I made these passion fruit muffins with a crumbles on top. Of they are soooooooo good. I added …

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Acorn squash soup

Now is the season for squash and there are so many to choose from. At home we eat a lot of squash all year round but I love it when acorn and butternut squash is at their best like now. These two squashes are perfect to feed children because not …

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San Francisco weekend

We decided to take one last trip before I can’t fly anymore. We wanted to go somewhere pretty close which also featured great culinary experince so we ended up in San Francisco again. The weather was amazing with highs in the 80th. One night we went to Fleur de Lys …

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Quinoa soup

The Syren family home is a sick one with both Bella and James suffering from a cold. James even stayed home yesterday working since didn’t want to share the cold with his co-workers. I was home baking cupcakes for our friend Annie’s wedding so we had lunch together. I made …

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Bella’s lunch

I got lot of questions on what I pack for Bella’s lunch the three days she is in school. Here is examples from her menu; Avocado sandwich (sprouted whole wheat bread with mashed avocado) Cooked edamame, fresh orange pepper cut into smaller pieces Apple slices Water Carrot pancake cooked sweet …

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Fall casserole

This ended up being an amazing dinner with so many beautiful and colorful vegetables as well as flavors. It was all hiding under a layer of cheese and I always say that vegetables and beans covered by cheese can fool anyone to appreciate vegetarian food, even the pickiest eater. Now …

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Garbanzo bean curry

This curry is mild and perfect for kids. I like to add some more spices for me and James after I’ve removed Bella’s portion. You can add all kindsof vegetables to the curry but I used zucchini, potatoand tomato for this one. 1 tbs canola oil 1/2 tsp red curry …

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Family pizza night

Bella requested pizza for friday night dinner so that’s what we had. Making your own pizza is fun because kids can help out, it’s cheap and healthier than takeout pizza. It’s also very easy to make your own. I used sour dough culture in this pizza crust but it can …

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Lentil Patties

These patties were the easiest patties I have made in a very long time and they tasted absolutely wonderful. Leftovers ended up on a lunch sandwich with some mustard, mayo and tomatoes. Next time I will make extra to put in the freezer for those days when time or inspiration …

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Crème Nignon

I never eat or serve canned or soups from mix since it’s so easy to make your own, it’s healthier and cheaper. Today for lunch I made this French sweet pea soup which can be served hot or cold. I served mine hot since I like warm soups. It took …

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