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Mixed potatoes with cider reduction

This recipe I found the latest issue of Vegetarian Times and the only change I made was it was suppose to be sweet potato only but I used sweet, purple,red and fingerling potatoes instead and I didn’t use cinnamon. It was a perfect side dish to anything BBQ. Roasted potatoes …

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Sweet & sour curry broccoli

In this pregnancy I’ve been craving international food and today it was Indian cuisine. I really wanted Indian spiced beets but it turned out my beets had gone bad so instead I made this broccoli dish which ended up very nice. With this we ate pan fried tofu dipped in …

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Nectarine bruschetta

Last weekend we celebrated our 13 Th wedding anniversary. I can’t believe it’s been that long but for sure we had much fun and many blessing and off course unlucky 13 is lucky for us since we’re now having a much longed for baby. To celebrate we stayed one night …

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Mushroom pasta sauce

This one of Bella favorite pasta sauces and the funny part is that she does not even care for mushrooms very much unless it’s BBQ portabella mushrooms. I always say I know it’s good when she happily eats it all up before we even finished ours and gets sad when …

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Radish and apple salad

We pretty much BBQ every day these days and why not? It’s easy, yummy and does not heat up my kitchen to a sauna temperature. Tonight we had grilled sweet potatoes, green beans, carrots and portabella mushrooms along side and nice salad of radish, apples and chick peas. Radishes contains …

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Harissa marinade

My birthday BBQ was a big success and the food so good. I specially enjoyed the desserts made by my friend Jess; chocolate cake, chocolate log with cream filling and an apple cake. For the protein I used this marinade which the secret ingredients is harissa. I tried that spice …

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Tomato marmalade

Tomorrow is my birthday and we are planning a BBQ in the evening and this sweet and slightly spicy tomato marmalade will be a perfect addition to the seitan, potatoes au gratin, quinoa salad and off course loads and loads of dessert we’re having. It’s sure to make this mama …

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Mother’s Milk- Healthful Blueberry Treat

So we finally arrived home after a long flight and fell right to sleep. I loved waking up in my own home and sitting in my garden with fresh watermelon for breakfast. We did a home exchange this year and the family who lived in our home were less then …

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Sunny yoga kitchen baking in my own way:)

As you probably notice it’s been kind of short of posts here and the reason is that we’re sort of baking….a baby. At the end of the year Bella will be a big sister!!! First trimester was very hard on me and nausea prevented me from doing any cooking. However, …

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Cleaning out the fridge soup

I had planned to make a broccoli soup for dinner tonight when I realized it had gone bad. I looked in the fridge and all I could find was carrots so I made a creamy carrot soup. Along with some fresh bread and soy cheese it was a light, inexpensive …

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