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Broccoli pie

This was a complete experiment and I felt like the nutty professor working in the kitchen, adding things I usually would not add to a savory pie. I was trying to make a more filling and nutrient packed pie crust. The good news is it came out very well and …

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White bread rolls and Easter dinner menu

I always like to have two kinds of breads for holiday dinner so this year I made my whole wheat bread and a white bread roll that came so perfect chewy and crusty. I guess my guests must have liked them because at the end of dinner there were no …

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Carrot cup cakes

This is the dessert that I made for our Easter dinner. It’s carrot cup cakes with an amazing orange butter cream frosting. They were a huge hit at the dinner and nice sweet ending to a great time with friends. It almost didn’t end up being a dinner after we …

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Marzipan Easter eggs

My mom and I used to make marzipan candy together for the holiday’s but since she passed away I have not made any until today. I love marzipan and was so happy when I found vegan marzipan from Odense at Whole Foods. I used all natural food colors from Seelect …

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Seitan and mushroom in creamy teriyaki sauce

Happy Good Friday!!! I found a blog where someone made creamy teriyaki sauce and thought it looked so good but before I could get the recipe I had lost the blog. Oh well! So instead I had to come up with my own version of it and it was super …

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thumb print cookies with a chocolate center

My husband was craving something sweet last night so I whipped up these fun cookies. They are my thumb print cookies but instead of a fruity center I added pieces of a vegan candy bar called Twilight bar to center and it was very fun. Next time however I will …

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