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Apple glaze

In our last deliveries from Sea Breeze we received a lot of apples which is great because we eat a lot of apples. I wanted to try to make something different with the apple, especially the bruised one and came up with this glaze. Glaze is usually a sweet and …

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Balsamic stir fry with quinoa pasta

This was one of those fast lunches using up whatever I had in the fridge before we get another organic bag delivered tomorrow. Spinach, garlic, tomatoes, pepper and chick peas, ended up in this stir fry based with aged balsamic vinegar which made it a little sweet and sour. This …

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Walnut neat balls

These are my favorite kind of neat balls. The flavor combination of walnuts and cheese is great and will be approved even by a meat eater:-) I served them with cooked yams (since we received about 10 yam from Sea Breezed) and purple cauliflower. Indeed it was a colorful plate. …

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Blueberry cake with filling

These cakes which is a cross between a bun and cake and they are amazingly moist and tasty. In the middle there is a little surprise sweet center. Blueberry cake 75 g margarine 1 cup milk 2 1/2 cup spelt flour 1/4 cup sugar 1 tsp vanilla sugar or 1/2 …

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BBQ Marinade for Vegetables

We had a wonderful day here in San Diego so we BBQ for dinner. I made marinate seitan, corn on the cob and yam. In the last shipment from Sea Breezed I received many yams so why not BBQ them?. I pre-cooked both the corn and yam and them sliced …

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Chick pea stew for a rainy day

Today when I picked up Bella from daycare, she said “Let’s go home to our warm home and eat something warm”. Well the dinner was perfect for a stormy day like the one we’re having here in San Diego. It was suppose to a tomato and chick pea soup made …

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Blueberry macaroons

I made these for a friend as a thank you for giving me a hand. I’ve been dreaming about making vegan macaroons and thanks for Angel foods vegan meringue cookie mix it was possible. I bought my mix at Vegan essentials. Macaroons 1 batch of meringues form mix 3/4 cup …

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Russian beet soup

I got a lot of beets growing in my garden from all the rain and I had a lot of cabbage from the two latest organic deliveries so I use them to made this rich beet soup. My daughter loves it because it’s pretty pink, I love it because it’s …

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Peanut butter frosting

I will continue in the trail of peanut butter here. A couple of month ago I made my “the healthiest chocolate cake ever” for my dear friend Andrea and I had topped it with a peanut frosting. She has requested the recipe so here it is. It’s made with cream …

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Peanut butter and chocolate sandwich cookies

Peanut butter and chocolate is such great combination so when I found a jar of peanut butter I knew I had to bake something using both and voila–these cookie sandwiches were born and they are just all together yummy. peanut butter/chocolate sandwiches 1 cup peanut butter 1/2 cup sugar 3 …

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