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From sauce to soup–using leftovers

I have to admitt I’m not much for eating leftovers and neither is my little girl, James on the other hand is easy he can eat the same thing everyday and leftover he’s good with. Well I’m very proud of my self because I came up with a way to …

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Green detox and eye opener juice

This is my new way to begin the day and way to get me going for yoga in the morning. I’ve been craving grape fruit juice for some time now and lucky me the California grape fruits are juicy and sweet. Don’t let the color fool you, it’s yummy. Grape …

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Pasta and Lentil bolognese sauce

We love lentils in this family and thank God for that because not only are they inexpensive, yummy but also packed with nutrition. Lentils are easy to digest and was actually the first protein I feed Bella. Lentil contains fiber, iron, vitamin B1, folate and is loaded with protein. I …

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Ginger bread scones to start off weekend

I made these scones for our Saturday breakfast and it ended up being a sweet beginning of our weekend. We ate them warm with butter and my clementine jam. Our breakfast on the weekends are special and it’s when we really take our time, eating in bed in our pyjamas …

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Asian BBQ marinade

Like I said in previous post, we’ve been having such beautiful weather here in San Diego, sunny and warm but not too hot. We been loving spending time outdoors so BBQ made sense for lunch and dinner. I’ve tried a lot of marinades but this one is my favorite. I …

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Strawberry and spinach salad

A couple of years ago I ate an amazing salad with strawberries and spinach at Whole Foods and ever since I’ve been dreaming off it. Today I made it to eat for lunch with marinaded portabella mushrooms. It was just one of those gorgeous days here in San Diego when …

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Since I now have discovered coconut yogurt I need something nice and crunchy to sprinkle over it and it’s my home made muesli. The measurements are not exact and you can pretty much add or remove with your own imagination. I love banana chips and cinnamon so it was a …

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Carob waffles for waffle day!

Today is waffle day in Sweden where I’m from and since you can take the girl out of Sweden but not Sweden out of the girl I made waffles for my family. This my first time making vegan waffles and I’m very pleased with the result. They are the soft …

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Sun dried tomato baguettes

I discovered I had no more bread in my freezer so I set out to bake bread and this time I made sun dried tomato baguettes which are perfect with a salad or soup. I like my dough to rise for a long time so I usually prepare the dough …

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Nut and carob cookies

What is a chai latte without something sweet and crunchy to enjoy it with? These cookies are perfect delicate and very addictive. They contain Brazil nuts with is a good source of magnesium and selenium and eating nuts will increase all over health so I love to incorporate in my …

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