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Maple cookies

Me and Bella have a “new” thing we enjoy doing together; baking cookies. The rule is easy, the cookies have to be easy and fast to bake since her attention span is about 10 minutes so these are my 10 minutes maple cookies we made today. They are to die …

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Take what you have soup

We arrived last last night and we didn’t go to sleep until 1:30 am. We woke up to find that I and Bella both had pink eye so next on the agenda was a visit to the doctor. We had planned to go grocery shopping since we had absolutely nothing …

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Multi- bean salad

We’re getting ready for Hawaii and I’m determined to not buy any groceries until we leave and try to eat what is already at home in order to empty the fridge and freezer. It’s not that easy but preparing the weeks menu in advanced helped but sometimes you will still …

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This weeks menu

I love it when I’m already with the menu on early Sunday. However this week will be short since we’re flying to Hawaii on early Thursday morning. We’ll be gone for a week but I will try to blog from the island about cooking and eating hawaiian food. Yummy!!!!! For …

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James’s ginger lemonade

We had family from the east coast come and visit us so James made up some refreshing lemonade to treat them since it was a nice and warm day here in San Diego. Ginger lemonade 4 cups water 3/4 cup maple syrup 1 1/2 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice. 1 …

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Lunch for mommy & toddler day

Daycare is closed today for Veteran’s day and me and Bella celebrating all the brave men and women by eating a nice savory broccoli and bean pie. It’s vegan, healthy and yummy. I made the pie shell with spelt flour to make it more hearty as well as more nutritional. …

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Vanilla dream cookies

These are Bella’s and mine Swedish Father’s Day gift to James. They are incredibly delicate and melt in your mouth kind of cookies. They are also easy to make so even a toddler can help mommy do it. Vanilla dream cookies, about 30 cookies 1/2 cup sugar 1/2 white spelt …

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Tikka masala

It was Father’s Day in Sweden on Sunday and I like to celebrate it then as well as in June. This is what my husband asked for father day’s dinner, Seitan tikka masala. This is the first time I made this dish and I think you can probably use whatever …

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Weekly menu

Per popular demand here is our menu for this week. I have to plan it out in advance because between me and James we run a tight schedule on who is home mornings, lunch and dinner with Bella and who is is working or taking a yoga class. I’m also …

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