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I love spanish food and have not had Paella in a very long time but I decided it could not be that hard to make vegan and healthy at the same time. The result is barley paella. I used a wok to cook it in but it should be cooked …

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Easy and fast chocolate treats

I had a server craving for chocolate today and made these. They are so easy to make and therefore perfect for the kids to help out. I used vegan chocolate and kamut puffs cereal so they are healthy as well if you want to justify. If you like don’t like …

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The best homemade seitan

I get a lot of request for homemade seitan recipes and my answer is always the same that I yet not found a good one. I do usually buy my seitan from Whole Foods but it’s quit pricey. But now I found a great recipe which makes great seitan. The …

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Baked beets

Beets are in season and is a perfect addition to any meal in my opinion. Beets usually are cheap and filling and I actually like to eat them baked with some vegan cheese or simply some oil and spices along side a nice greens like arugula and grated carrots. We …

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Cauliflower & potato soup

I have not been very inspired to cook lately which explains the lack of post. But today I saw an episode of Top Chef and once again got inspired so here is what followed; a potato soup with cauliflower and chick peas. It’s a perfect fall soup even if we …

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Birthday curry for my hubby

My husband turned 40 this week and asked for a nice dinner with me, Bella and Jess. He wanted “un-chicken” curry for dinner and chocolate cake for dessert. Lucky me our personal pastry chef Jess took on the chocolate cake so I could concentrate on the curry. We ate our …

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Kale soup-liquid energy

My kale is growing like mad in my garden and for the first time the crickets have not feast on it so I have plenty. Kale is a super food because it contains high amounts of fiber, calcium and vitamin A as well as antioxidants. It’s a dream food for …

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Chanterelle pasta sauce

I’ve craved creamy pasta lately and Saturday night me and Jessica decided to cook together. I love when we do this because we pick a new recipe and tweak it a bit to make it more Jess/Fredrica like. This time it was a creamy mushroom sauce from an old Swedish …

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Nut steak

The cold weather continues and nothing taste as good when you are cold as a steak, nut steak off course. I like mixing in BBQ flavors to the steak and my BBQ loving husband does a little happy dance in the kitchen as a thank you. Leftovers taste great as …

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Raw chocolate

I made these for my friend Gail who is one of the most wonderful people I know. She is always greeting everyone with a smile and is a great listener. It was the easiest chocolate I ever made and I got the recipe from RawGoddess blog. I added goji berries …

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