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Pasta salad

The hot weather has continued and Sunday was specially terrible so slaving over a hot stove was not an option and therefore I made a pasta salad for dinner. Pasta salad with basil dressing 2 cup cooked and cooled whole wheat pasta 1 cup cooked garbanzo beans 2 cup spinach …

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Maple scones for mommy & toddler date

Today me and Bella had a play date with two of my yoga friends. We met up at a park and let the kids play and us have an adult conversation. I made my strawberry lemonade and maple scones for the date. I found a recipe for the maple scones …

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Potato au gratain with lentils

This got to be my families favorite dinner. Even my “I don’t like potatoes” child loved it and who happily announced “she ate a lot” when I arrived in the evening. I love potato gratin but feel I need some nutritional accessories like a lentil tomato sauce to be a …

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Honey roasted vegetables and mustard marinated tofu

Sunday was Charger game here and everyone except me and Bella went. I knew they would be hungry when they came home so I cooked a hearty meal for them. I felt my friends who now been eating my cooking of vegan food for 10 days was ready for tofu. …

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Guests = lack of blogging

We have friends visiting all the way from Sweden so I have not have time to blog as much. We have also been eating out a lot so nothing to really blog about. Our friends are the opposite of vegetarians and that always present a challenge but they have been …

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Making breakfast scones are so easy and take very little time. We make them for weekend breakfasts and eat them with some nice jam. Last time I made homemade apricot jam which was a hit. There is nothing better than a warm scone with home made jam with my family. …

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Swedish lentil neat balls

Being from Sweden I sure have eaten my fair share of meatballs. I do miss them sometimes, not the meat part but the whole traditional Swedish meal witch is always served with lingon preserve, mashed potatoes and meat balls. I tried making some using lentils and it worked out great. …

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Warm potato salad

We had a wonderful labor day weekend. It was busy seeing a  lot of people, going to sea world and attending one birthday party. At the party I had the unfortunate to walk into the kitchen while the hosts were in full swing cooking live craw fish. Oh how I …

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Corn chapati

These chapati’s are awesome and a great addition to any soup or indian meal.  Any leftover we eat with breakfast the next day eating it with apricot jam and chai tea, mmmmmm. Corn chapati, about 12 400g frozen or fresh corn 2 tsp cumin seeds 1 tsp salt 2 cups …

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Garbanzo bean puffs

I tried to make falafel but failed but instead I ended up with these puffs which were very good. They have a very fluffy consistency to them. Bella loved them so now they are part of our favorite foods for dinner. We ate them with lemon roasted rot vegetables. Garbanzo …

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