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Quinoa risotto

I have always loved risotto ever sine my drive through Italy with my husband before we got marries. However I don’t like feeding it to Bella without some more healthy grain so I wanted to experiment and use quinoa which she loves instead of rice. It worked very well and …

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Plum pie

My hubby loves pie, all kinds of pie but special my kind of pie. So plums are in season and I bought some beautiful ones at the farmers market and decided to make him some crumble pie. I was however determine to make a semi healthy pie. I used whole …

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Artichoke pesto

I have an artichoke plant in my garden and in all the years it’s been there it has grown and grown but never grown any actual artichoke. I think It’s suffering from infertility. I’m thinking about pulling it out but I kind off still have hopes.  So instead I bought …

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Balsamic kidney bean pasta

Whoohooo, my soft food days are over and I can eat beans again. “Hello beans I have missed you”. I love beans and lentils and thank God for that since I can’t eat tofu it means it’s usually on the menu a lot. By yesterday all I could think about …

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Indian lentil stew

I was determined to make something we all could eat today and I’m craving lentils so here it is, Indian lentil stew. I feel I need to eat warm food but that is the hardest to eat right now besides anything needed to be chewed (sigh). Indian lentil stew, serving 4 …

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Just what the doctor ordered and marinated tofu

The road to recovery is long and hard but I’m still happy with my progress. I’m still not eating anything that’s rocking my world. Today I had a green smoothie for breakfast: almond milk, avocado, blueberries, hemp and flax seeds. Sounds maybe not very appetising but I loved it and …

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Barley bake

I’m now eating smaller portions of rice and pasta, whoohooo!!! Today I made barley casserole for lunch. I made a very simple tomato sauce and added broccoli. It was yummy, healthy and easy for me to eat. Barley is a super grain. It contains good amount antioxidants and vitamins as well …

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Sweet and sour casserole

With all the tomatoes I have growing I made some sun dried tomatoes and I used them in this wonderful sweet & sour casserole.   Casserole for 4 sauce:  1 cup sun dried tomatoes, soaked  1 tsp grated ginger 1 tbs agave nectar 1 tbs corn starch I garlic clove, …

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Falafel with low calories

This falafel recipe is actually a weight watcher recipe which my friend Jessica found. We made it about a year ago when James was out of town and now he was away on a business trip and we made them again. You would never know they are low-fat and low …

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Japanese cucumbers

For once I do not have cucumbers growing in my garden. I don’t know what happened this year but they just would not grow. But it’s OK because at the farmers market I can find them very inexpensive right now.  Pickled cucumbers taste so well to anything on the BBQ …

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