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Lettuce wraps

I’m blessed with a child who looooooves tofu and what better and more nutritional food can you feed your child. It has complete protein and good amount of calcium. I didn’t write down the exact measurements for the marinate but it’s very simple to make it just taste it and …

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Banana ice cream for kids-big or small

I didn’t think there could be an healthier way to make ice cream than the chocolate cashew ice cream I made a while ago but now I found an even better and easier ice cream. This ice cream is perfect for kids because it contains one ingredient…..banana! Yes it’s true …

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Ayurvedic breakfast

As I said in a earlier post, I love reading cookbooks to get inspiration but you might not know is that I don’t just read regular cookbooks but also try alternative  lifestyles cookbooks. When I did my yoga training I also got a training in Ayurveda.  It’s a ancient traditional  system …

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Gazpacho–Liquid salad

My tomatoes are growing like crazy so I usually have a bowl filled with tomatoes just sitting in my kitchen and waiting for some fun. I been in a Spanish mood ever since James took me to a Spanish restaurant on my birthday and therefore decided that the fun the …

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Chilled creamy zucchini soup

One way for me to beat the heat is by eating cooler foods, I love eating raw foods and cold foods such as fruits and salads. I have so many zucchinis in my garden and got a lot of avocados from a friends so I made up a chilled soup which …

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Mustard Dip

We had a lot of raw vegetables left over from the party so I tried to come up with something to eat with them and the result is a mustard and sunflower dip. I like using sunflowers because they are good and inexpensive. When you grind them they come out …

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Chocolate mylk

I collect cook books and I have many many different kinds. I love reading them, trying new recipes and get inspiration for my own. I bought a new cook book called ani’s raw food kitchen. Now I know I could never live on a complete raw diet but I do …

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Chocolate ice cream

I’m in full swing here making cup cakes for our birthday party on Saturday. We decided to instead of making a cake to have cup cakes. While I was standing in my hot hot HOT kitchen baking I had cravings for something cold and sweet. Ice cream. This is probably …

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clench your thirst

We had record high temperatures here in San Diego last weekend. It’s hard to keep a toddler hydrated but coconut juice is a great way to cool of and get hydrated, small or big. They sell these at the farmers market and Bella loves them because they have  slight sweet …

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I love lasagna but I haven’t master the art of making one until this weekend when I finally made a great vegetable lasagna. I think the problem has been that in trying to make it vegan I used cheese substitutes and it never came out very well. This time I made …

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