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Goodbye cold San Diego, Viva la France

 Rain, rain go away, please come back another day?? I guess I should be happy about the “Gray May” we’re having since there is a water shortage in California and my garden loves this cooler rain. But today we were at the Zoo all day I got very cold so …

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Green Smoothie Turning Toddler Green

I love my green smoothies, especially when I have been to yoga and I’m not that hungry. I made one last night and Bella off course seeing this want some too. I really had my doubts she would like it but oh my she loved it. I don’t know why …

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Roasted pepper & sausage

I never had the traditional Italian dish sausages with roasted onions and peppers but now with these new seitan sausages from Field Roast I decided to give it a try. Since I really have no clue how it’s suppose to taste I just had to make up my own dish with …

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Sweet potato quesadilla

I found a recipe for these in a cook book I picked up while in Sweden it’s called “en bulle i ugnen” (a bun in the oven). I loved the book and couldn’t wait until I came home and could try these quesadilla’s. I made some changes off course ; I …

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Vegan BBQ with mexican influence

We love BBQ and living in San Diego makes it possible 360 days of the year. Aren’t we lucky??? Last weekend was no different so BBQ it was. I wanted to make a little spin to it and make it with Mexican flavors…but not really. I basically threw any imaginable thing …

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Mucho grande latte, PLEASE!!!

My new thing in the afternoon now when I sit and work is latte in my new tall glasses with whipped milk with the help of my new small electrical whisk. I bought them both at Ikea and it cost me less than a latte from Starbucks. Now off course …

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Dijon creamy stew

You might already have read about my love for mustard and how well it works in food. Today I used Dijon mustard to make a wonderful creamy stew which we ate with pasta and broccoli. I used quorn for protein but you can easily use either beans, temphe, seitan or …

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Toblerone Ice cream

I love anything with nuts so I love, love LOVE Toblerone chocolate. I made the easiest Toblerone ice cream even. It’s two ingredients; Toblerone and mimiccrem. Now said that, it does require an ice cream machine. It’s a vegan cream made from cashews. It’s has a very nice creamy consistency …

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Creamy zucchini Soup

Zucchini is one of my favorite vegetable. I love it’s texture and taste and the fact it’s so versatile.  One thing my family loves are soup night and yesterday was one so I made this zucchini soup.  Creamy zucchini soup, serving 2 2 small zucchini, sliced I large shallot, diced 1/2 vegetable …

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Cashew butter

I’m having some technical difficulties with our camera so I apologies for the lack of pictures. I hope James will get it fixed by the weekend and I will add picture to the recipes. I know how much the pictures makes a difference. While in Sweden we had lunch a wonderful …

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