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Raw Carrot soup (or hot)

Raw vegan food seem to work the best for me to control my thyroid as well as getting over my cold. It’s not hard t do raw when you live in warm San Diego where the access to good produce is good. This is soup I have made a couple …

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Healing juice

My cold continues and I have no appetite so today I simply made myself a juice to help me beat this bug. You can enjoy this juice like it is or add some water if you feel it’s to strong. I also added acidophiles and Mecca protein powder to boost …

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Sweet & Sour bean soup

I have a nasty cold and am not very hungry. I decided to to make wholesome soup that is warming. I also wanted to use things I had at home so I didn’t have to leave to go grocery shopping. When you have a cold with a lot of congestion …

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The no bake Strawberry cream Pie

I’ve bee craving sweets lately but really don’t want to eat a lot of surgery sweets that makes my blood sugar go on a roller coaster.  On Sunday at the Farmers market we bought a raw cheese cake slice and ate it later that day. We were just so amazed …

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Gnocchi with collard greens and white beans

Me and my friend Jessica love food….a lot. A matter a fact it’s what we talk about probably 75% of the time. We love to read recipes and then try them out. always changing them little. We found this recipe in Eating well and tried it tonight and agreed it …

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Flourless rhubarb pie

This is one of our new favorite dessert we eat on Sunday afternoons. It’s so easy and the it’s completely flour less and so wheat and gluten free. But it does not mean it’s boring, far from it it filled with flavors and sweetness.  Rhubarb pie serves 2 1 cup pecan …

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Spicy vegetables with lentils

Our friend Andrea cooked a lunch for us a couple of weeks ago and it’s been fresh in my mind ever since so today I decided to try cook the same meal. It turned out pretty well. We ate this meal with sprouted brown rice.  Vegetables and lentil dinner serves 2 …

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Green fried tomatoes

My tomato plant has had these two tomatoes hanging on it forever so I finally decided to pick it and instead of trowing them away use them and made fried green tomatoes. Boy was it good. I was planning a BBQ lunch with grilled vegetables so the tomatoes added a …

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Super fast and easy creamy pasta sauce

I’m working a lot right now and spending a lot time traveling between studios.  So as you probably can tell from the lack of posting I don’t have much time to do creative cooking. I favor fast and easy dishes made from whatever I happens to have around. Today I …

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