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Kiwi Poppy Seed Dressing

When we lived in Encinitas one of our favorite places to eat was a place called Honey’s. They the best salad called a Vogue Salad. The salad in it’s self was pretty simple; greens, tomato, different spouts, red peppers, cucumbers and sunflower seeds. What makes the salad special is the …

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Collard greens salad with pickled onions

I found this recipe in a old Yoga Journal and it has become one of our favourites. The key is the “pickled” onions in the salad and my husband said after eating it ” love raw onions, fried onions and now I also like pickle onions”.  We try to eat …

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Date frozen yogurt

Nothing taste as good as frozen treat on a hot day like the ones we’re having here in San Diego now. When we got married we received a ice cream maker and besides my husband it was the best thing I got ever. I have used it so much over …

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Sweet & Sour Sauce

Some days when inspiration is on vacation and I have absolutely no idea what to feed my family I simply steam some vegetables and rice and add some sort of protein (e.g quorn, tofu, beans etc) and add sweet & sour sauce. It’s a very nice sauce and it’s so …

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The mistake that turn kid friendly

I’m always trying to come up with healthy but yummy snacks for Isabella (and for us). Ever since I got a dehydrator I’ve been having fun trying making living food. The definition of living food is plant-based foods in their original, un-heated (uncooked) state are considered raw and alive. Raw …

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The goodness of coconut

When we were in Cambodia couple of years ago our guide treated us to a young coconut with a straw and we had our first taste of coconut juice and we were hooked. Here in San Diego you can find young coconut every where. Actually this is Isabella’s treat when …

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Nougat for a Special Person

Let me just begin by saying Happy Birthday or Grattis pa fodelsedagen!!! to my friend Jessica who also happens to be my most loyal reader I believe. OK I don’t if this really belongs here where I try to opt for healthy food since this is a candy oh my it’s …

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Cranberry Chutney

The one food I get most request for recipe is my Cranberry chutney. It’s such easy thing to make and takes almost no time so I love making this and giving it away as gift when my imagination is on vacation. Cranberries are terrific food but again a food many …

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Healthy Snack for Kids….Small and Big

We have a rule when it comes to our child, only feed her things that have nutrition in it. Now we know she will eventually eat candy etc. but as long as we can keep that away we believe is good. So I try hard to find snacks and goodies …

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Sweet & Sour vegetables

This is one of my emergency dishes. It’s a dish I cook when I have lack of inspiration or I’m in a hurry. It’s one of my families favorites and you can use any kind of vegetable you happen to have at home. The sauce is super easy and any leftover …

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