Apr 082013

By Fredrica Syren

I guess we should not be surprised that, after organic food has become so popular, organic fashion would become … well, so fashionable.new-york-fashion-week-eco-fall-wint righter-2011-537x402

In recent years the organic movement and awareness have brought a presence of environmentally savvy fashion and demand for organic and resalable material, realized by both designers and clothes lovers alike. People no longer can ignore the fact that traditional textile manufacturing creates both environmental and human rights issues.

This has opened the door for local manufacturing, reuse of materials, upcycling, and sustainable fabrics. Organic cottons and wools, recycled polyester, peace silks, alpaca and bamboo are just some of the most popular fabrics that can be created with less energy, less waste and less pollution. Furthermore, fashion designers are looking also for natural dye techniques and colors no longer made with water polluting heavy metals.

crop-by-david-peck-spring-2012 leftAt New York’s famous Fashion Week, many designers featured their eco-friendly fashion. For example, Assembly used terracotta-dyed organic cotton in their line; Crop by David Peck used fair trade silks; and Costello Tagliapietra used nonpolluting, revolutionary air dye technology. Other sustainable designers showing at Fashion Week were Marcia Patmos, Titania Inglis and Gretchen Jones.

It’s very encouraging to see so many big fashion designers going green, and to see it’s possible to care for the environment and still look fashionable.

For more sustainable fashion, check out these designers:

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  1. Sustainable fashion also extend to lingerie with Organic Underwear. Sexy and ethical!

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