Jul 292014
Study Proves Vegetarian Diet Is Climate Smart

By Fredrica Syren: Many people ask me why my family and I are vegetarians. The answer is for health, because we love vegetarian food, for animals’ rights, and – a main one – for the environment. As reports about climate change (extreme weather due to global warming) are being presented, people are becoming more aware and willing to do their part to reduce their carbon footprint. [READ MORE]

Jul 282014
Rainwater Harvesting Free?

By Centehua: The best things in life are free, right? At least the essentials should be or everything that nature freely provides all people such as rainwater, for example. What a gift! Water is an essential natural resource and it is free, indeed. I am blessed with the ability to collect the best drinking water around for free! I do this because I believe that good [READ MORE]

Jul 252014
More Time for Kids to Play            

By Fredrica Syren: It’s not easy to be home with three kids abundant with energy. Sometimes, I admit, I feel overwhelmed with how I will entertain them for an entire afternoon. I have gotten advice that I need to book my kids into more after school extracurricular activities and that they would benefit from having an activity every day. I have to say I don’t like [READ MORE]

Jul 242014
Olla — Natural Irrigation System

By Emma Grace Fairchild: An olla (pronounced oy-yah) is an ancient method of irrigation that uses a clay pot buried under the soil to water plants. Although it has a long history of traditional use, it is fairly unknown in modern day gardens, much to our loss because of its huge potential for water saving and sustainability! An olla’s typical large round base is buried under [READ MORE]

Jul 232014
Resistance: Time To End Misuse of Antibiotics in Agriculture

By Fredrica Syren: Last week, meat from a major grocery store in Sweden was recalled because it had been contaminated with a dangerous hormone. I sigh every time I hear about contaminated foods being sold in local grocery stores. I get especially fed up with hearing about all the pharmaceuticals being used in agriculture. The time to stop the misuse of any hormones and antibiotics in [READ MORE]

Jul 222014
Silikids- Silicone & Glass Products 4/5

By Dawna Matthews: Our Green-Kiddos tested out a couple products by Silikids: the Silibib and the Siliskin Glass with Sippy Top. We were so excited to support the first mom-founded products made entirely of silicone and glass. The fact is now we can all transition our kids away from leaching plastic to healthier products like these. Did you know silicone is a much safer, cleaner and [READ MORE]

Jul 212014
Experts Warns Of Fracking May Cause Earthquakes

By Kim Robson: “Fracking” is a shorthand term for hydraulic fracturing, a new process used by the oil industry to extract shale oil from previously untapped sources. It involves injecting water, chemicals and sand at high pressure deep into the ground, breaking the rock and releasing oil for extraction. The sand itself is rare and is being mined at alarming rates for the fracking industry. When [READ MORE]

Jul 182014
International Vacation with Kids

By Fredrica Syren:  My husband and I share a passion for traveling, and we have traveled all over the world together since we met. Once we had kids, we just assumed our traveling days were over. To our joy, we have realized that traveling is not over, but the way we do it has changed a bit. We no longer stay in B&Bs or hostels of [READ MORE]

Jul 172014
Goat Gifting — An Inspiring Gift that Keeps Giving

By Emma Grace Fairchild: This last Mother’s Day, I was faced again with the question – what to get the woman who has everything and wants nothing? I had a wonderful opportunity to answer this dilemma in a way that made Mom happy, helped another mother in the world, and contributed to a healthier and happier world. So, in my mother’s name, I bought a share [READ MORE]

Jul 162014
Worth Sprouting About

By Larraine Roulston: While raw veggies and fruits have enzymes, they are low in concentration compared to sprouted seeds. The differences in enzyme concentrations are enormous. At the sprout stage, a plant is at its highest nutritional value. Growing sprouts is not only easy and fun but also a way for parents to provide their children with all the essential natural, organic vitamins and minerals they [READ MORE]

Jul 152014
Cloud Spotting--The Perfect Summer Activity

 By Kim Robson: During the height of summer, all I want to do is stay cool. Part of that involves doing as little physical activity as possible. But some of our “type A” friends might view that as sloth. If you need or want a suitable excuse for lazing about all day, I submit: cloudspotting. Cloud gazing is the preferred pastime of daydreamers, wonderers and poetic [READ MORE]

Jul 142014
Endangered Polar Bears and Why We Should Care

By Fredrica Syren: I have a thing for bees and polar bears, and whenever I get started on why we need to save them, people tend to look at me as if I just escaped from the nut house. I have to say that I understand their reaction because a long time ago, I would have thought it was sad but of no concern to me. [READ MORE]

Jul 112014
Feel the Power within a Women’s Circle

By Centehua: Around three years ago, I decided I needed more feminine energy in my life. I craved women friends and the feeling of sisterhood. I never had that growing up. Honestly, women intimidated me a little. The competition and insecurity that hover over women’s relationships made me scared to open my heart to the ladies. My intention was to connect with conscious women, women who [READ MORE]